Spiral Ceiling Lights


Spiral Ceiling Lights has been a revolutionary design and is introduced first time in Pakistan by UL.

Whether you are looking to use it in restaurants, indoor clubs, or your bedroom, this light suits really well under all indoor conditions.

Easy to fit and use, Spiral Ceiling Lights Led comes with a remote inside the box that can be used to turn the light on/off as well as change colors from a choice of six different and bright colors.

This Led Ceiling Lights are manufactured using high-quality aluminum and look perfect in indoor conditions due to its sleek design and silver finish. It consumes 3 watts of electricity and produces a spiral effect on walls and ceilings. When fixed to a wall, it creates a 360 Degrees Beam Angle. It has a lifespan of 50,000 plus hours. All Spiral Ceiling Lights in Pakistan are UL/RoHs Certified.

Each box comes with 1 Spiral Ceiling Led Lights and contains LED type bulb.

Spiral Lights doesn’t require a battery and runs on electricity

Other technical specifications are as under:

Item Size: 5.5*7cm / 2.2*2.8″ (D*H)

Luminous Flux: 80-90LM/W

Net Weight: 0.115kg / 4.1oz


Spiral Ceiling Lights