Bommil Vintage Lamp


Make a nostalgic inside tasteful with the Industrial Design Vintage Wall Lamp. Ideal for parlors, workplaces, studios, eateries and kitchen zones.



  • The Industrial Design Vintage Wall Lamp includes a retro-exemplary plan, making it an assertion piece the contemporary inside plan.


  • Featuring LED bulbs, the light is made with a harmless to the ecosystem approach.


  • The Industrial Design Vintage Wall Lamp is made with excellent materials. It includes a uniform use of shading and is non-harmful and rust-confirmation.


  • The light installation can enhance any room, inn, café, feasting territory, corridor, kitchen, or store.


  • Light Source: Filament Bulb
  • Bulb: INCLUDED
    ● Voltage range: 220 to 240
    ● Dimensions: 30 cmx 40 cm
    ● Wall distance: 18 cm
Bommil Vintage Lamp