44mm LED Aluminum Profile with Strip Light


Recessed Aluminum LED Profile, a sophisticated solution tailored for architectural and interior design projects. This profile seamlessly integrates LED lighting, offering a sleek and unobtrusive design. Ideal for creating a polished ambiance in various spaces, it combines form and function effortlessly. Elevate your design vision with this versatile and elegant lighting solution.

This is a recessed aluminum extrusion for LED strip lighting.

It includes end caps and fix clips, which are made out of plastics. Supplied with a professional Semi Clear Diffuser.

Aluminum extrusion finished in silver.

Application :  Suitable for Drawing Room , Living Room , Dining Area , Corridor , Bathrooms ,Facade Elevation


Product Type: Slim Recessed


End Caps: Plastic

Finish: Silver

PC Cover: Semi Diffused

Width: 44mm

Internal Width: 31.2mm

Height: 35mm

Length: 10 Feet

LED Strip: Included

Driver\supply: not included


44mm LED Aluminum Profile with Strip Light